Save Our Schools: Get The Right Lockdown Solution for Classroom Doors

There Are Better Options

Door hardware expert Lori Green over at iDigHardware.com recently published her thoughts on using a chair to bar classroom doors or using old firehose or belts to barricade doors in emergency lockdowns. She points out that as a community, we can do a better job of planning. We tend to agree with her. School systems, parents, and children desire a better solution to prevent further tragedies. DH Pace is here to help so students can focus on learning.

We're Door, Hardware and Security Experts

The good news is that we're helping schools all across the country with this exact problem. We're the experts on moving in and out of buildings, as well as securing them. Schools are choosing to partner with us to make these spaces as safe as possible. We know how to recommend the right classroom doors, with the appropriate door hardware, and incorporate them into existing security systems. We can even add access control systems to help manage visitors and secure perimeters.

It Won't Interrupt Learning

Best of all, we know there are ideal times to perform the work on a safe school project in a non-disruptive way. We can schedule work in phases, even over summer break. It is our goal to work swiftly within the time frame available and complete the job on time and on budget.

Start the Conversation

Contact one of our door experts today to start the conversation about door and security solutions that uphold life safety principles while maintaining safe paths of egress. Our recommendations will be code compliant with NFPA Fire and Life Safety Codes and uphold Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.