Optimizing Safety in Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Facility

Safety is important everywhere, but when it comes to healthcare, safety takes on a whole new meaning. Everything is more vital, more stringent, more essential. DH Pace can help optimize safety all around healthcare facilities.

Automatic doors allow patients and staff to move freely. From entrances to corridor doors, automatic operation ensures patients can be taken where they need to go quickly and safely.

Integrated entry doors in hallways are vital to safety. Cross corridors need fire doors to prevent the spread of smoke and fire in an emergency. Not only will DH Pace supply and maintain these doors, but we will integrate them with fire alarms and security systems.

ICU patients have unique needs. ICU doors meet those challenging needs. From antimicrobial coatings to touchless activation, wide door openings to smoke-rated options, they provide the extra safety features needed for these critical patients.

Facility security is a major factor in the safety of any healthcare facility. Security options from DH Pace include asset tracking and protection, closed-circuit TV surveillance (CCTV) systems, credential and key management, electronic key cards or key pads, mechanical keys, delayed egress, parking systems and security gates. We will design a customized plan for the needs of the facility including administration of documentation and records as required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Patient entry doors seem simple enough but there is more than meets the eye when talking about their safety. It’s important to consider the hardware as well as the door. DH Pace offers standard hardware, fire-rated hardware, and anti-ligature hardware to prevent self-harm. Patient rescue hardware prevents a patient from being injured if they fall behind an inward-opening door. Antimicrobial finish hardware helps to reduce the chance of infection from touching high-traffic handles.

Finally, it’s important to maintain these systems. DH Pace can help.

Automatic doors should be inspected at least annually by an AAADM certified inspector, such as a DH Pace technician.

DH Pace’s FireCheck® inspection program helps building owners and tenants comply with the legal obligation to properly maintain fire and smoke rated swinging doors within their facilities. Under the FireCheck® program, a certified inspector conducts a comprehensive visual inspection and functional test to ensure code compliance. A report complete with photographs documents any deficiencies. DH Pace will provide recommendations for repairs and can also perform those repairs using the newest fire rated products available. If a deficiency happens to be a missing fire label or non-legible label, DH Pace has a certified field labeling program. Those labels can be replaced by our certified personnel in the field if the door and door components meet the fire code.