How DH Pace Serves Governments and Municipalities

Courthouse Security

When you think of products for government and municipality applications, the first thought is probably entry doors. While that is a big piece, these customers require many other door products as well.

Entry Doors

Entryways need to have easily accessible openings. This means storefront doors, hollow metal doors and even automatic sliding doors. Most frequently these doors will also include handicap accessibility with automatic openers on swinging doors.

Security Products

Security is always imperative at government and municipality facilities. The first line of defense in most institutions is a standard mechanical key. DH Pace offers master key systems to keep access controlled within the facility through a set of standard and master keys. But there are many other options when it comes to security products as well. Whether it’s access control to limit who is entering a certain area, turnstiles to control foot traffic or cameras to monitor activity, DH Pace has a solution to fit each customer’s needs. Even the parking lot can be secured with hydraulic bollards, barrier arms, security gates and more.

Government and municipality applications don’t end with their offices.

Sectional and Rolling Steel Doors

Public services like fire stations need high speed sectional doors to ensure fire trucks can leave the station as fast as possible. Track lights are available to alert the driver when the door is fully open and they can leave to avoid collisions.

Public works departments such as wastewater treatment plants use multiple types of doors. From hollow metal doors in entry ways to rolling steel doors to allow equipment to move freely, it can all be done through DH Pace as a single-source provider.

Specialty Products

No matter what type of facility, safety is key. Specialty products like blast-resistant doors, and ballistic and impact-resistant glass can literally save lives.

DH Pace works closely with each customer to build a custom solution to suit their needs, budget and aesthetics. Additionally, DH Pace holds memberships with a number of purchasing cooperatives which contributes to speedy and efficient processes while meeting your procurement guidelines. DH Pace’s experts have supported countless government and municipality projects throughout our 90+ years in business including retrofits for ADA accessibility requirements or faster door open rates to improve emergency response time.